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Write short notes on ICT Applications

ICT Applications:

Information and communication technologies have greatly affected human life. Since the industrial revolution, man has begun to develop machines and equipment that facilitate his work.

With the advent of information technology, mankind has jumped a qualitative leap towards development on the one hand and luxury on the other hand, where the work was done in the old offices using paper work and transactions manually, which leads to taking a long time to finish.

After the entry of technology into the world of business, agreements and transactions have been established from anywhere in the world and very quickly. Thus, ICT has a great impact on our lives.

Information and communications technology (ICT) can be defined as: all the technologies (used to handle broadcast media, elecommunications, intelligent building management Systems (IBMS), network-based control systems, audiovisual processing and transmission systems and others. ICT is used in most of the fields such as E-Commerce, E-governance, Banking, Agriculture, Education, Medicine, Defense, Transport, etc.


  • ICT is applied in the education sector in the following ways:
  • Research for teaching materials, online conference etc.
  • ICT or computers are used as a reference tools.
  • ICT or computer is used by the researchers to collect and process data.
  • Computers are used as administrative tools.
  • ICT offers interactive learning.

Banking Sector

  • Banks use computers to control the entire banking system.
  • On-line transactions by customers are possible 24 hour.
  • Accessing company account by businessmen On-line.
  • Supervision of banking activities by bank administrators.


  • Computers are used to facilitate production planning and control system.
  • Automation in the production of goods.
  • Researchers use computers to analyze and collect data for future reference,
  • Computers are used by administrators to oversee the entire operations in the factory.


  • ICT makes buying and selling easier.
  • Computers are used by customers to connect On-line with Suppliers.
  • Computers are used to keep record of transaction
  • ICT is applied as a means of communication between customers and the producers.

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