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The Rain Summary

The Rain Summary

The Rain” is a beautiful, symbolic (علامتی) and lovable (پیاری) poem gleaned by the pen of a Welsh poet, William Henry Davies. In this poem the poet describes (بیان کرتا ہے) the beauty and effects of two great phenomena (مظاہر میں) of Nature; rain and sunshine(سورج کی چمک). He also portrays the ugly aspect of Nature with the image of a poor man suffering (تکلیف) from rain.

It is raining and the speaker is present near a tree. The speaker feels that the leaves of that tree are gulping raindrops (بارش کے قطرے) like humans. The upper leaves after quenching (بجھا رہا ہے) their thirst (پیاس) pass on the drops to the lower leaves. The falling of raindrops on leaves creates (تخلیق کرتا ہے) a “sweet noise” (میٹھا شور) which appeals to the speaker. When the sun comes out after the rain stops (بارش رک جاتی ہے), the sun will fill each dark (سیاہ).

round drop present on the leaves with its wondrous light (حیرت انگیز روشنی). The sight of shinning raindrops will be very lovely (بہت ہی خوبصورت). But this scene will only be possible if the sun shines brightly. And so, the speaker hopes (امیدیں) for a bright (روشن) sun.

In short, this poem shows the poet’s love for nature (قدرتی) and his starkly realistic understanding (افہام و تفہیم) of society and laws of nature. The emergence (خروج) of bright sun after heavy rain gives us a message of hope (امید کا پیغام), optimism and happiness.

It takes both rain (بارش) and sunshine to make (بنانا) a rainbow.

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