Suppose your cousin has won scholarship from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

Suppose your cousin has won scholarship from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and has started getting education in a Western country. Write a letter and give him/her advice to utilize this opportunity in the best possible ways.


Miss Aisha


10 December, 2020.

My Dear Sister,

I understand that now a days you are seriously concentrating on your studies. You are now a grown up girl. This is the time to build up the career with honest efforts. If necessary, you may join a coaching class for her, I shall write to our father to pay for it.

In view of the prevailing Global environment Pakistan unfortunately does not have an enviable image among the fraternity of nations, mainly attributable to the phenomenon of terrorism and religious extremism which also pose an existentialist threat to the country. No person in his right mind would take an issues with what the prime minister has said.

We have been hearing similar voices from our rulers about projecting soft image of Pakistan Internationally and calling for a paradigm shift in the conduct of our foreign policy, with greater Emphasis on public diplomacy as an effective and indispensable ingredient of the strategy to achieve the desired objectives. But regrettably no credible and concrete steps were taken to achieve the desired objective. Please write to me if you have any personal problems.

Please write to me if you have personal problems. Accept me not only as your beloved brother, but also as an intimate friend to whom you may easily open your mind. I am ready to guide and help You in all matters.


Yours affectionately,

(You Name) X.Y.Z


Letter to brother

My dear Brother,

Asslam-o-Alaikum. How are you doing? I hope you will be fine. It feels me with joy and pride to hear that you have won scholarship and now you will be pursuing your master’s course abroad. I would like this opportunity to suggest you some advice regarding how you can enhance positive image of Pakistan while staying there. This is a great opportunity to try new things and meet new people.

Pakistan is the most misunderstood country in the world. Under the prevailing situation, it is very essential for the Pakistanis living abroad to make utmost efforts to create a better understanding. For this purpose you should behave well and show good citizenship. Be a better person, be positive, co-operative and helpful to others. In this way surely you can build a better image of Pakistan. Focus on your studies but also take this time to explore your horizons and find new passions to try out. Wish you good luck my little brother! Write back soon.

Your loving brother,

(You Name) X.Y.Z

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