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Summary Try Again

Summary Try Again

Written By W E Hickson

Try Again” is a simple, reflective (عکاس) and moralizing (اخلاقیات) poem gleaned by the pen of a British poet, William Edward Hickson. In this poem, the poet tells us the importance (اہمیت) of trying again in case we fail in doing something due to some adverse (منفی) circumstances (حالات). He says that we should continue trying again till we succeed. The speaker says if we fail in our first attempt (پہلی کوشش), we should not get disappointed (مایوس). We should try again because then we will become courageous (بہادر). If we persist because of this courage, we will conquer (فتح). The speaker admits that when we try again, we may fail once or twice. However, if we keep on trying, we will succeed. If we do not win a race (دوڑ) we should not give up trying again in shame. Moreover, if we find our task difficult to accomplish (پورا), we should not lose heart. Time will bring us our fruit of labour (مزدور). We can also do what other people can do but it needs patience(صبر). In short, this little poem gives us a big lesson. It gives us a message of hope, courage, hard work, perseverance (استقامت) and optimism (رجائیت). We should always keep this message in mind to be crowned (تاج پہنایا) with victory in our lives. A winner is just a loser who tried one more time.

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