Principles Of Adjustment Letter

Adjustment Letter

An adjustment letter is written in reply to a claim letter. In business, mistakes are unavoidable. It is but natural that in case of a mistake a customer feels aggrieved and has a claim against the company. Now it is for the company to see how far he is justified. If the customer is justified, the company should accept his claim without hesitation. An adjustment letter, therefore aims at only satisfaction of the customer.

However, if the customer’s claim is unjustified, the company should write him tactfully and carefully. Instead of rejecting his claim out rightly, the company should explain why his claim is not a acceptable.

Principles Of Adjustment Letter

Prompt Reply

There should be no delay in writing this letter. Any delay may make an angry man angrier. This will spoil the good will of the seller.

Showing understanding

Show the customer that you understand the problem and feel for his discomfort. The letter will be more effective if it express empathy.

We can imagine how you fell about

You are entirely right about

Indeed, we can understand that

Be Exact

State clearly and exactly what adjustment you are going to make for the customer. If you are not in a position to grant the claim, you should be exact in telling the customer why.

Don’t blame the customer

If the complaint is due to some misunderstanding on the part of the customer, do not blame him for. If you organization is at fault then you should apologize. Explain what your organization is doing to prevent a repetition of the problem.

Incorrect Complaint

If the complaint is unjustified then you should reject the claim in polite manner. In a tactful way, the customer should be made to realize and appreciate the company’s point of view.

Avoid Negatives

Never use the negative words in your letter. Negative words destroy the goodwill of the organization.


Whether the claim is admitted or not, the complainant should be thanked for writing the letter.

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