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The US supports Zelensky’s decision on Bakhmut

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According to global Times Media Europe, The United States supports Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s decision to defend the city of Bakhmut. Global Times Media Europe reports that US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin said this at a briefing after the 10th meeting of the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine – “Ramstein” format. Ukrainians have done an extraordinary job in the Bakhmut area.

The Russians have been trying to capture this city for 7 months, but due to the efforts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they have not succeeded,” added Austin. According to the head of the Pentagon, even if Zelensky temporarily withdraws the armed forces, this will not mean losing the war.

This city is important. President Zelensky is fighting, he is specifically involved in making decisions about what is important and what is not important for the defense of the city,” Austin stressed.We will support any decision of Zelensky.Now we hope that we will create an opportunity for the Ukrainians to change the dynamics on the battlefield,” the US defense minister added.

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