Peace Summary

Written By Dr. Silvia Hartman

“Peace” is a metaphorical (استعاراتی), thought-provoking (سوچنے والا) and moralizing (اخلاقیات) poem gleaned by the pen of a German poetess, Dr. Silvia Hartman. In this poem, the poetess describes (بیان کرتا ہے) negative and positive aspects (پہلوؤں) of wind which is destructive (تباہ کن) when in frenzy (انماد) of rage (غصہ)but most of the time it is peaceful, calm and gentle (نرم). When the wind is in a fierce (شدید) mood, it is a monster (عفریت) of destruction (تباہی). Like a monster it roars (گرجنا) and breaks (ٹوٹ جاتا ہے) things apart. It is so catastrophic (تباہ کن) that it completely destroys all man’s work. This may be anything ever built by man. Everywhere its havoc (havoc) is the same. It levels everything to the ground. In its rage it throws broken thinks in the air whirling (گھومنا) and flying. However, this is not its real nature. The truth is that it is usually peaceful when the sky is bright blue. It is calm and quiet like whispers (سرگوشی) coming from far away. Alas! People do not give any importance to this aspect of wind. In short, the poem awakens (جاگتا) a consciousness (شعور) of soothing effect of wind in us that ultimately (بالآخر) subdues (دبے ہوئے) its evil (برائی) power. It encourages (حوصلہ افزائی کرتا ہے) us to appreciate (کی تعریف) peace, love and benevolence (احسان) instead of thinking about bad things or war. It gives us a lesson that we have to experience storms to enjoy peace. After a storm comes a calm.

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