Look Before You Leap Story

Look Before You Leap

Once, a fox, by an unlucky (بدقسمت) chance, fell into a well. He tried hard to climb up the wall of the well but to no avail (فائدہ). The wall of the well was too high to be jumped over. He was also wandering (گھومنا) about in search of water to quench (بجھانا) his raging (رنجش) thirst. He peeped into the well. To his surprise, he found the fox splashing (چھڑکنا) there. The fox also looked up and saw a goat peeping (جھانکنا) down. There flashed a trick through his clever brain (دماغ). He decided to take full advantage (فائدہ) of the opportunity (موقع). He pretended (دکھاوا کیا) to be cheerful (خوشگوار).

The goat asked him what he was doing there. He said that he daily came there to enjoy the sweet water of the well. He invited the goat to jump down to taste the sweetness (مٹھاس) and enjoy the coolness (ٹھنڈک) of the water. The goat was too rash to think about the way up. He immediately (فوری طور پر) jumped down into the well. The fox was waiting just for that moment. He at once jumped onto the back of the goat and leapt (اچھلنا) out of the well. Then the goat realized his folly (حماقت). He requested the fox to help him out of the trouble (پریشانی). The fox laughed and advised to go on bleating (خون بہنا) loudly. His master might hear his cries (روتی ہے) and come to rescues him. Meanwhile (اسی دوران), he should enjoy a luxuriant (پرتعیش) bath.

Moral:    Look before You Leap

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