Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Teaching and Learning

No doubt, Information and Communication Technologies have put a lot of positive effects in educational areas where teaching and learning are most important aspects. The use of ICT is very necessary for sustainable growth of young generation. With the help of ICT, many problems can be solved easily and one can work more efficiently.

ICT inside the educational areas has developed enormously. Now ICT has become an important part of our society, therefore it is necessary that the people should be educated in “how to use it”.

Overall, ICT enables teachers as well as learners to:

Teach well

Learn well

Present well

Work efficiently

Share ideas easily

Solve different problems easily

Gain precise knowledge

Achieve goals in less time period

Now the use of ICT is also increasing in educational areas. This theme gives young generation many ways of learning as well as generating new ideas. This facility in classroom can prove to be very helpful for teachers to teach and for the learners to learn.

At school or college level, the young generation is in their growing age. So, at that time if they use this facility then their minds can become faster and they can grow with the new technologies. So the computer can be used as a resource to sharp their minds. While solving any problem (either related to education) through computers, they can think deeply. There are a lot of excellent things which are usually done during this interaction. The teachers should also give special importance to engage learners in the design of new applications and technologies.

To achieve this target, it is very necessary to give importance to those ways which are very appropriate for the assessment of the interactive touchy systems for the learners. Deep observational and experimental research is needed, and more conceptual ideas are required for the achievement of this goal.

To enhance the learning abilities of the young generation, the teachers play an important, energetic and active role by using ICT. Initially, the computer related education provides a platform to examine the association among different areas of learning (formal learning and informal learning).

For the learners, education related to the computer should be given at school level.

Because interacting with the computer is the easiest way of learning. In this way, their vision can broad and they can think, act and describe their feelings in a better way. It may also prove to be very helpful for their participation in the field of development of new systems and technologies.

So it can be said that the ICT can be used as an aid to computer teaching as well as learning. In a classroom, the interaction of teachers as well as learners with ICT can create that environment of learning, where they face many effective experiences which are useful for the enhancement of their thinking and learning abilities.

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