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Nigeria at 62: IHRC calls for Peaceful Coexistence and Inclusion.

Nigeria; (International Desk) According to global Times Media Europe,The Ambassador at Large and Head of Diplomatic Mission of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) Nigeria, Ambassador Dr. Duru Hezekiah, has called on Nigerians to promote peaceful coexistence and relationships for the common purpose of building an inclusive country that provides the best opportunity and safe environment for development.

Dr. Duru in a message marking Nigeria’s 62nd Independence Anniversary on Saturday 1st, 2022, reiterated the fact that Nigeria is the only country we can call our own even in the face of all the challenges the country is currently facing, noting that at sixty-two, Nigerians must all contribute to fulfilling the dream of a nation of peaceful coexistence and inclusive government.

He bemoaned the differences in social, political, religious, and civic engagement of grievances which create opportunities for unpatriotic groups or individuals to manipulate youth into engaging in violent activities, especially youths who are economically vulnerable, out of school, idle, and socially frustrated without having any public platforms to express themselves.

He added that the heightened level of religious and ethnic intolerance, various gaps, and violence in Nigeria today, increase the need for genuine interfaith dialogue, tolerance, and harmony that will build understanding and relationships between religious and ethnic beliefs and faith. He re-echoed the need for the youth to come together to bolster understanding, reduce misconceptions and develop healthy relationships through social activities, interfaith dialogue, and community services in promoting peaceful coexistence.

While urging arms of government at different levels to develop inclusive policy that involves youths’ participation as an essential part of advancing development and the culture of peace, he reaffirmed that given the tools and opportunity, the youth can change the world. “Let us open our minds and horizons, share ideas, interests, and values, and build cooperative relations to build a new culture of peace for the welfare of our future generations”, he maintained.

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