Grapes Are Sour Story

Grapes Are Sour

A vixen lived in jungle. One day, she could find nothing to eat. She felt awfully (شدید محسوس کرنا) hungry. She wandered (گھومنا) about in search of food. After a long search (طویل تلاش), she arrived at a garden. There she saw a green grapevine (انگور کی بیل). It was luxuriant (پرتعیش ۔ عیش و آرام) with leaves and grapes.

The clusters of ripe black grapes were hanging (لٹکا ہوا) from it. They looked so mellow and juicy that she felt even hungrier. Unfortunately (بدقسمتی سے) they were hanging a bit high. They were out of her reach. She did her utmost to getr (حاصل کرنے والا) at them but could not. She exerted in vain all her foxy tricks (لومڑی چالوں) to reach them. She jumped and jumped but to no avail (کوئی فائدہ نہیں).

At last, she was convinced (قائل) that the grapes were going so high to be got at. She was disappointed. She cast a last longing,( آخری خواہش) look at them and departed (روانہ). Hiding her disappointment (مایوسی) she said. The grapes are sour, and not ripe as I think.” Saying this, she went away hungry.

Possible Morals:

(i) Grapes are sour

(ii) People pretend to dislike when they cannot get


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