Definition Of Information Technology

Computers were invented to meet the ever-increasing needs and requirements of modern man. The question is how a computer can be as helpful to human beings as possible and how to develop a program (software) for this machine (computer system) accordingly. Knows by name

Undoubtedly, information technology has played an important role in improving efficiency and speed in all walks of life around the world. Today, doctors, engineers, sketchers, media people, businessmen, bankers and even individuals are in need of computers.

Financial transactions around the world, complete supply network, rail and air travel, energy control, defense equipment and defense system, court system, preparation of all meteorological department reports and satellite activities. The department needs information technology.

What Is Information Technology?

What are its limits? Every literate person today is using it in one way or another. The brilliance of the 21st century is largely dependent on IT. The question is, what is IT? In a nutshell, the answer is that “computer science and technology” may not be clear yet. Let me tell you a simple way. Will be understood immediately.

You sit in front of a computer and consider what people and fields have contributed to its creation, access to me, and its full use. The one who made the CPU, the one who made the processor, the one who made the monitor, the one who made the keyboard and mouse, the one who made the software, Windows, etc.

The one who connected you to the internet, the one who made you Has created the latest software for better use of the Internet and who designed the website. All this is included in IT but less than 50% while IT is the one who through his inventions the whole society and the world. Has changed every color and style.


The use of computers and IT in human life has become very widespread and is increasing over time. It’s a competitive race that includes the technological contemporaries and the kings of the business world.

Therefore, a person who lacks the ability to see and understand the future in this field and suffers from laziness cannot succeed. It requires computer experts who, with the resources available in their work, offer the most complex business as an alternative to the world.

Trained talented people who can bring IT inventions to market on the one hand and increase the use of existing products on the other. Similarly, they often have to work with experts in other fields, especially electrical engineers, electronics engineers and mechanical engineers.

If you are planning to enter IT, you must have the following six features in addition to the ones mentioned above.

Passing On Mathematics

Creative Power

Thinking Carefully. Thinking About The Intangible

Analytical Skills





Based on the difficulties and needs that arose, its sub-divisions were formed. Computer science has been central to all these disciplines, just as physics has been central to engineering and other technical sciences. Computer education is very common in Pakistan at the moment. At the graduation level, 5 types of degrees are being offered in government and non-government institutions.

Computer Sciences

Computer Engineering

Information Technology

Software Engineering

Information System (Database)

In addition, degrees are being offered with some name differences, but there is no fundamental difference between them.

Key Points

There are many fields of computer science and information technology, but programming in particular is a field that has many unusual advantages and some disadvantages. Let’s take a look.

Since all the work is done with the help of a computer and high speed internet, you can work free lance.

You can do all the work sitting at home without a large office.

It is very easy to start a business in this field.

Software is not just made by big companies


Note: This article covers the areas of information technology.

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