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Islamophobia has now reached an unbearable level – Canadian professor

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According to global Times Media Europe, Islamophobia has reached an unbearable level today. In many parts of the world, Muslims are shot or subjected to other humiliating acts. Global Times Media Europe reports that Jasmin Zin, Professor of Sociology and Muslim Studies of Canada’s “Wilfrid Laurier” University, spoke during the international conference “Islamophobia as a Specific Form of Racism and Discrimination: New Global and Transnational Challenges” “Intersection of Colonialism, New Imperialism and Islamophobia”.

historical and modern perspectives he said during his speech at the plenary session. Especially women are more targeted. Muslims are portrayed as negative people in France and some countries. In terms of gender, Muslim women’s clothing is also labeled as terrorist clothing and indoctrinated into society. This is, of course, unacceptable,” said the Canadian professor.

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